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ZForce Stun Guns Are No. 1 For Personal Self Defense

Simply touch an attacker with a ZForce stun gun to deliver a high voltage, low amperage shock, causing a stunning effect. This includes a loss of balance, muscle control, confusion and disorientation. After stunning your attacker, full recovery takes about five to ten minutes, and there is no permanent damage when using a ZForce stun gun
Their slim design makes these stun gun ideal for female self defense. Just hold the electrodes firmly against an  area of the attackers body such as a shoulder, thigh, or buttocks.

Z Force Stun Gun ZF-ST

Z-Force 300000 volt slim stun

  • 300,000 Volts

  • 6.5" Tall 

  • Safety Switch

  • Wrist Strap

  • Uses two 9-volt batteries

  • Pro Rated For Law Enforcement


Stun Guns


ZForce Stun Guns have a slim style that make them easy to grip.