Wholesale Stun Guns


It amazes me how distributors can throw words like "Wholesale". When you click on their link you'll find that their stun guns are not only, NOT wholesale, but that they are sometimes selling them above retail. This situation has become a free for all on the internet to see who can hook the biggest fish with the most outrageous line.

Why should it bother me? Because people that print literately ANYTHING to get you to click on their link, in this case have diluted the entire content of the 'wholesale stun guns' search page.
Below is a list of our stun guns and I have listed them all so it will be easy for you to compare prices. We truly do make an all out effort to sell our stun guns at wholesale prices. If you wonder why we undersell our compaction the way we do, it's because the lower our prices are the more stun guns we sell. This is true even more so now than ever, in this electronic age where just a click can make or break a business.

Thank You,
Nick Cicala V.P.

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Item Number


Our Price


Z Force Stun Guns 300,000 Volts


Stun Master

SM-300S Stun Master Stun Gun 300,000S Volt $28.95ea.

Stun Master Stun Gun 300,000C Volt

Stun Master Batons

300,000 Volts Stun Master


Stun/Alarm Flashlight I 2000,000


Stun/Alarm Flashlight II 80,000 volt


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