Hwa Rang Sul 

The "Clave"

The Clave" - This innocent-looking piece of wood is really a nasty "legal carry" weapon that makes nun-chucks look like toys. An amazing new martial art weapon called the "clave"… is actually a cleverly converted musical instrument that makes nun-chucks look like a child's toy. What's more, it's incredibly simple to use.

The damage this thing can deliver is breathtaking and yet the clave is small, inconspicuous, and travels legally in most US states. It's just a simple little musical instrument. About 6 inches long, about one inch thick. Of solid, hard, bone-breaking wood. Few people know about this weapon right now. It's very new… and yet it's causing a sensation among the "insiders" in the fighting world… because it's the first major breakthrough in "personal weaponry" in a thousand years.

Once you know how to use it (and this will take all of about 30 minutes with the help of the video) the Clave will create an impenetrable "force field" around you that nothing alive can pass through without being broken. On the video, you will see a thick, hard-shelled coconut tossed into the air and then shattered like a stale soda cracker! It's a vicious weapon. It's just nasty. Yet, with the right instruction (available ONLY from Jesse himself), it's actually easy to learn and simple to use. There's nothing else like it in martial arts.

1-DVD: Total Run Time: 1 Hr 12 Min DVD.
Available with Clave and without Clave

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The ClaveJesse Lechuga has done "deep" security work for US Presidents, training bodyguards and "top school" security forces that guard many of the "rich and famous" people you see in headlines every day. He has earned worldwide fame among both cops and street thugs for his "no-nonsense" tactics involving hand-to-hand, improvised weapons, and a specialized weapon known as "The Clave". His material is strongly influenced from his personal experience as one of 7 remaining old-school black belt masters of a Korean based martial art known for its savage brutality.

Hwa Rang Sul