Filthy Jailhouse Tactics 

Street Survival Series

- Cops call it the "Quiet Man's" self-defense. Without much fuss, and without breaking a sweat, you can put a stronger and more skilled attacker down and under your total command with simple yet agonizing "pain compliance" moves that take just one hand... and yet, despite the intense pain you inflict, you will leave no marks or long-term damage. It's perfect for controlling a dangerous situation with total confidence that you will not be hauled into court for maiming or killing the punk you take down. Yet the special-force cops who rely on this easy-to-learn "instant pain" system have never allowed it to be revealed to civilians before...until now!

2 -Tapes: Total Run Time: 4 Hrs.

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Tony WalkerLt. Tony Walker has the toughest job of any cop in the country. As a guard in an overcrowded and extremely volatile juvenile detention center, Tony is exposed to more violence every hour of the day than a Spec Op soldier on the front lines sees in a month... yet he doesn’t have the option to kill or maim his attackers! He personally designed a system of restraints and devastating pain compliance moves that has been adopted by his institution. Because of Tony’s insight and ability to teach in a lightning quick fashion he is the head of the Tactical Response Team in his facility.

Filthy Jailhouse Tactics