Escape From Impossible Holds

Street Fighting Skills

Street Fighting Skills- Mike Gillette has uncovered a fighting system so powerful that it allows anyone to win a "only one man walks away" fight in just a few seconds. And - incredibly - it's simple and easy to learn. It may not look fanc, but you gotta check it out. It's the most functional and useful "bag of fighting secrets" ever put together by a street cop for civilians.

You've NEVER seen hand-to-hand "control and punish" moves like this before! As you know, cops in heavy crime areas often see violent action every day. The fact is, Gillette sees more actual combat in a month than most "hot duty" soldiers see in a career. Gillette doesn't just know how to quickly defeat a monster twice his size, or how to take down multiple attackers in cramped, dark, hostile house, or how to turn an armed opponent into a sobbing coward without getting touched himself, he ALSO knows how to teach these same amazing skills.

2-tapes: Total Run Time: 1 Hr 55 Min

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Mike GilletteMike Gillette is well-known and respected in the law enforcement world - the deep insider "cop world" civilians never get to see. (Forget the crap on television about cops - the real stuff would curl your hair.) His instructor credentials amazing: the Rangers asked him to teach 2-day (two full days, too) hand-to-hand and knife combat training sessions; then the Marines brought him out to their secret Quantico training grounds to teach "close combat" courses: the U.S. Marshals come to Mike for .40 caliber semi-auto handgun training. These are the pickiest services in the military and law enforcement. And they choose "little guy" Mike Gillette to teach them how to fight.


Escape From Impossible Holds