Indian Fighting Skills 

Secrets Of Cage Fighting

You will learn how to completely protect yourself and buy as much time as you need to evaluate your opponent. These secrets can be easily adapted to any fighting style you use. In about an hour you will know why Tom and his students dominate the cage fighting arena.

2-DVD's: Total Run Time: 1 Hr 30 Min

Secrets of Cage Fighting

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Tom ProctorTom Proctor is one of the last remaining Black Belt Masters of the 'forgotten art' of Tao Chi Do. He is one of only 3 black belts in the entire country.

At age 45, Tom Proctor is also the ISCF Heavyweight Champion, despite being twenty pounds underweight. Tom burst on the cage fighting scene 5 years ago... smaller, older, and less experienced than any opponent that he has ever faced. The results are plain and simple, 17 fights later, Tom has put them all down, fast, in a division that he is not even qualified for.

Indian Fighting Skills