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Russian Fighting System

Russian Fighting System

- This is the only hand to hand fighting system taught to the feared and deadly Russian SPETSNAZ soldiers. You will learn how to multiply your blows, the rotating fist that causes extreme pain, and the incredible Russian 'Trinity Shot' much, much more!

3-DVD's: Total Run Time: 4 Hrs


Russian Fighting System

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Vladimir VasilievFormer Russian SPETSNAZ soldier, Vladimir Vasiliev, wasn't just a normal Spec Op Soldier. Vladimir was so high up that he taught this astonishing Russian fighting system to other SPETSNAZ agents. In fact, he was one of their specialized trainers.

He spent 10 years as a SPETSNAZ operative, running multiple special missions, including eleven deep reconnaissance and POW recoveries behind enemy lines. He has also trained KGB hit-men, Kremlin bodyguards, elite paratroopers and big-city Russian SWAT teams.