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Hand-to-Hand Fighting System

Israeli Connection All new short-cut lethal hand-to-hand fighting system (that FREAKS OUT even hard-core US Soldiers) finally revealed by top Israeli combat veteran! So harsh and effective, this never-before-revealed system has battle-hardened US Spec Op soldiers shaking their heads in respect and awe... so new and exciting, this “first peek” at “hidden” Israeli combat secrets is sending shockwaves through the martial arts world!

This is a HUGE 4-DVD package -- the first 2 life-changing videos are on hand- to-hand fighting (including moves no one has ever seen before outside the Israeli Spec Op world!), the third video is a stunning ground fighting video and the fourth is an incredible knife and gun disarming tape.

4 DVD Package Total Run Time: 3 Hrs 30 Min

Israeli Connection
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Nir MamanHis name is Nir Maman (pronounced "Near"). He's a former Israeli special forces commando and top hand-to-hand combat instructor. From 1995 to 1998 his long-range reconnaissance unit (the feared "Sayeret Golani") roamed deep into enemy territory, fighting, capturing and "eliminating" terrorists and insurgents. Usually, there were only 4 men in his unit. Alone, without back-up, miles from safety and with less than one-fourth the training our own Spec Op soldiers receive, these men faced constant, unrelenting and vicious counter-guerilla combat.

Our own super-nasty Spec Op guys (SEALS, Delta) -- as well as other world-class soldiers like the French Foreign Legion -- are in awe of these Israeli hard-asses. Their training is so short and so CONDENSED that at age 20, the Israeli Spec Op soldier is as skilled as the average 30-year-old SEAL.