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Guard Submissions


Guard Submissions There comes a time in every man's life when he has to face a cold, hard reality that takes him utterly by surprise. Someone who is intent upon hurting, even killing you. It happens to people like you every day. Will you be ready for it when it DOES happen? Mark Hatmaker's "Guard Submissions" teaches you exactly what you have to do - in ANY situation - to always take control from "the guard" position and force your attacker into a submission. It's packed with dozens of techniques: arm Locks, chokes, arm bars, surprise moves and tons more!

1-DVD's: Run Time:46 Min


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Mark HatmakerMark Hatmaker has dedicated the last 9 years of his life to studying the best ground fighters in the world and picking apart their favorite holds until he discovered the secrets of escaping every hold. Mark is only 5'8" and maybe (maybe) 150 pounds, and yet he cannot be held down by even the most painful and complex hold, no matter how much bigger and stronger his opponent is.

Hatmaker has been a martial artist for over 20 years and has spent that time challenging everything that other fighters called "Impossible". He has revealed secrets that have shaken the ground fighting experts to the core, exposing the secrets to escaping and beating the world's best ground fighters.


The "Clave"