Street Fighting Skills 

Fight To Win

Fight to Win



Jim quickly teaches you the “Dark Art” of truly nasty, vicious no-rules fighting. He teaches you punches, movement patterns, kicks, choke holds, joint manipulations, pressure points and floor moves... plus much more!

3-DVDs: Total Run Time: 4 Hrs 4 Min.


Fight To Win
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Jim WestAnyone can talk fighting (and a lot do). But only a real fighter like Jim West can show you how to survive and win in the real world. Jim has actually been in over 600 bloody hand-to-hand streetfights... and won every single one, decisively!

Jim earned a half a dozen medals in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm. He was even invited into the top secret Marine "War Room" to help plan offensive strikes. He spent 15 years in the "black bag" arm of the Green Beret earning him the coveted "Whiskey 9" top secret clearance that only the best of the best soldiers ever receive. He trains special forces in hostage rescue and Justice Department agents in Hand-to-hand combat.