Street Fighting Techniques

Hwa Rang Sul

Secrets of Street Combat.. Chris is very aggressive in his teaching methods. He demonstrates running attacks and how to deal effectively with multiple attackers. These fighting techniques have no rules They are quick and easy to learn and don't necessarily require a partner to practice and master them.

Remember, the real world of Street Fighting  has no rules

3-DVDs: Total Run Time: 3 Hrs 45 Min

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Chris ClugstonChris Clugston has been a student of martial arts all of his life, in fact by the age of 20 he had already earned five black belts in five different martial arts. Chris went to the trouble of learning 7 different languages so that he could travel the world in search of the "Holy Grail" of fighting styles.

He also won over 50 vicious, no-rules streetfights during this time. This is how he realized how stupid it is to master any martial art style that has rules (no kicking in boxing, no strangling in wrestling, no head-punches in karate… and ridiculous time-limits in all of them!). The real world of streetfighting has no rules!

Chris believes that even the most brutal-looking "official" fighting systems can actually get you killed in the street… and the "confidence" you get from years of dedication to any formal training is A Total Sham!