World's Smallest
Wireless Mini Camera
A Professional Hi-Resolution Camera.
The wireless CMOS ST-100 Wireless Mini Camera is so small that it can go anywhere! It measures just 1" x " and sends high-resolution video to any TV or VCR within a 1000-ft. range. The Wireless Mini Camera works for up to 10 hours on a single 9 Volt battery. It can be hidden just about anywhere. 
 Two versions of the ST-100 Wireless Mini Camera  are available: a 900MHz model that sends signals directly to the #7647F receiver, which can be connected to a TV or VCR. Up to 3 different frequencies available in the 900MHz band. Also available is a 434MHz version that sends signals directly to cable channel 59 on any TV or VCR with a standard VHF antenna. This version is extremely simple to use.


World's smallest wireless camera
Picture B&W Or Color
Lens 3.6mm,  72 deg. Horizontal field of view
Resolution 380 Lines
Number of Pixels 512h x 492v (252K Pixels)
Image Pickup Device 1/3" CCD
Minimum Illumination .7 Lux
Power Supply 9 VDC, 100ma
adapter Included
Power Requirements 9 VDC at 55mA
Frequency Range 900MHz or 433MHz
Operating Temperature +14F to 130F
Dimensions (inches) Main Body:.754"w x 1.4"h x .706" thick,  Lens:.404" diameter
It delivers superior clarity and it's range is up to 5 times that of comparable unites, three times it's size.  
It's only 1"x1/2" inches its small & inconspicuous and can be concealed almost anywhere, making it perfect for any covert application. It can run for 10 hours on a 9-volt battery. It also comes with a regulated power supply.

Mini Surveillance Cameras

This handy unit comes complete with a regulated power supply, but can also run off a 9-volt battery

Item #ST-100


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