8mm Micro VCR by Sharp
with 3'' Color Monitor


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World's smallest micro VCR w/color LCD monitor. Plug any of our cameras directly into the video input or use with our wireless receivers. Fits into most fanny packs and purses. 30% smaller than any other on the market.


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8MM Micro # VCR-101   $645.00
Battery for Micro VCR Item # BATT-MVCR-1 $82.00
Wireless Remote Control Item # RC-RMVCR  119.00
 Wired Remote Control  Item # RC-WRC-1 $63.00

VCR-101-M8 8MM Micro VCR

Power supply, carrying case, rechargeable battery, charger, and all necessary cables and connectors.

•BATT-MVCR-1 Battery for Micro VCR-1 (50% longer life)
•RC-RMVCR Wireless Remote Control (up to 200' through walls)
•RC-WRC-1 Wired Remote Control

Format-8mm Tape
Video Signal-NTSC
Scanning-2-head helical
Play Time-2 Hours
Video S/N-43dB
Power Required-3.6 Volts
Current Consumption-4.8 Watts
Dimensions-7'' x 4.5'' x 4"