Hidden Video Camera
It Really Lights Up

The Desk Lamp really lights up, But don't be fooled, It's the ultimate in a professional hidden video camera. No one will suspect that this ordinary looking desk lamp is hiding an  undetectable, ultra high tech, black & white pinhole hidden video camera. Its 0.1 Lux allows this camera to view in low light better than the human eye. It automatically adjusts for all light changes. It comes with 25 feet of wire with RCA connectors to easily hook up to your TV or VCR. Powered by AC or two 9-volt batteries.
Just Add Your Your TV Or VCR For Your A Complete Hidden Video Camera System. 
The Desk Lamp Hidden Video Camera can be plugged directly into your VCR  and or TV
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$119.95 each
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We guarantee all hidden cameras and surveillance equipment including our Desk Lamp Hidden Video Camera to be free of defects in workmanship and material for 90 days (unless manufacturer's warranty is longer; email us or call)

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