900MHz Receiver
Receives Wireless Video From Our 900MHz Cameras/Transmitters

ST-102 900MHz Receiver Receives wireless video from any of our 900MHz cameras/transmitters. Sleek design. 2 Channel. RCA wire connects unit to any monitor, TV or VCR. Built in switcher (switches automatically between channels). Can use car mount or Yagi antenna for greater range. Also available in optional modified version (highly recommended) which is modified internally & pre-tuned to increase range. Much better for color cameras. 12 to 15 volt DC900MHz Receiver

ST-102 Regular 900MHz Receiver $125.99
ST-102M Modified 900MHz Receiver $148.99

ST-102M Modified 900MHz Receiver is 
modified internally & pre-tuned to increase range 
by about another 500'.

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