What Do Our Customers Think About Us? 

We appreciate all the kind words that have been sent to us. Here at Personal Arms.com we strive to bring you the best personal protection products at the best prices. So when we receive such kind words from our customers,  It truly makes it all worth while.

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Thank You,
Nick Cicala
VP PersonalArms.com


The testimonials on this page are just the way we
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"Just thought I would let you know that I have checked out your claim that you sell your TASER® cheaper that TASER International, the manufacture. I went to their web site and you do have cheaper prices. A lot cheaper, like 200 bucks cheaper on some items.  We have also checked out many other sites that sell TASER® and you have it over them to. You have my vote and my order"
Tom Morganti Boston, MA 02215

Thank you for your kind words, but your math is off a little. The best we can do is on the M-18. You can save $159.01 if you by it from us. Plus you will still receive the manufacture's rebate of $50. Not bad ha?

PS. Just like all our products, they are all NEW, Brand Name and in the original box.
Sal Cicala
Please Take Note: Since this email was received We have been requested by TASER International to change our pricing to reflect their correct minimum advertised prices. CLICK HERE 
"I like the fact that you have such a wide selection of stun guns to choose from. I'll definitely be buying products here again and not just because their what I'm looking for, but because your prices are truly the lowest I have seen."
William Lopez Miami, FL
"Nick helped us understand some confusing issues of setting up a hidden camera and transmitting the picture to our VCR. He also helped us determined what product we needed. So this is just to say thanks. and to let you know that you have a excellent customer service department.
Paul Nelson CHICAGO, IL
I wish to thank you so much for your help and fast service. Thats All.
Mary Valle Truckee, CA (Donner Lake)
"We were extremely pleased with your service department. When I received what I thought was a defective Mini Stun Gun you told me to keep it and you sent me a new one that day. The stun gun was not bad, but I had used a bad battery.
I am an honest person so I notified your service department they said they had already shipped it and I could still keep the first one you sent me. Well thank you . I have happily recommend Personalarms.com to friends."
Arline Coffelt Denver, Colorado
Dear Cindy, I would like to thank you very much for your efforts on my behalf, they are much appreciated. I did not know that husband had all ready ordered the same item as I did. I just want to let you know that the refund is in my account, once again thank you, what a nice lady.
Pacinda Dunn - Howell, NJ
"Your site is very professional, and I found it to be much more cheaper in price than any of the other sites that sell pepper spray."
Karl Vanden Berghe Kauai, Hawaii
"I really don't remember how I came across your website, but I want to say that I do enjoy the prices."
Robert, Kingsport TN
"My experience with Personal Arms has been very positive. May I say you have a great customer service. You sent me the wrong pepper spray. When I notified your customer service department they sent me the right one and let me also keep the first one they sent. I came out ahead. I received 2 for one. Please make another mistake."
Jimmy Baldwin Luray, Virginia 

"I purchased a Voice Changer from your web site last month. With it came a free gift, a  key chain pepper spray. My husband attached to my key chain and I said to him, who is going to attack me? One week to the day I was leaving work and as I was getting into my car I felt a hand on my shoulder. The next thing I knew a man was behind me, pushing me into my car and trying to get on top of me. I was going to use my key as a weapon, like they tell you to do, when I seen your wonderful gift in my hand. I sprayed him over my shoulder never even seeing his face. This guy started screaming like a baby "please, no more, please, no more" and he started running.  I could never thank you enough. For all I know your gift could have and probably did, save my life."
Thank You, Linda  Arnold Atlanta, Ga.