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TASER Stun Gun

The TASER is one of the most popular non-lethal weapons to be used by police departments all over the country. Without cartridges the TASER works the same as a regular stun device. You simply touch your assailant stunning him into submission.

By adding cartridges, this unit morphs into a complete TASER Stun Gun. A less than lethal, powerful hand-held remote stun system that uses a replaceable air cartridge module, giving you 15 to 20 feet of take down power.

When your TASER Stun Gun makes  contact with the target, voltage is transmitted along the wire and into the perpetrator. Penetrating through two cumulative inches of clothing, including leather the TASER Stun Gun will be effective with a hit anywhere on the body. This unit is not a knock off. It is the same model that have been sold to thousands upon thousands of law enforcement agencies through out the USA.