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Manufacturer of TASER TECHNOLOGY

Leading a New Era in Defense Technology

TASER International is the leading company in the development, manufacturing, and sales of electronic less-lethal weapons. The Company was founded in 1993 to develop an advanced, less-lethal self-defense system.  In the past eight years, the Company has grown to over 40 employees with sales distribution in over 60 countries around the world.  TASER offered an IPO on the Nasdaq stock market on May 8, 2001. Our stock now trades on the Nasdaq under the symbol TASER.

TASER is benefiting from the public outcry over high-profile incidents involving the use of force by law enforcement officers. These incidents have compelled law enforcement agencies nationwide to re-examine their methods for resolving conflicts and subduing suspects. Providing superior range, effectiveness, and safety than other options such as stun guns, chemical sprays, and batons, the ADVANCED TASER has been enthusiastically endorsed by the most influential law enforcement experts in the industry and we believe our technology is positioned to be the emerging standard in less-lethal weaponry.

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