ADVANCED TASER M-Series On-line Owner's Manual


  1. Arm the device by flipping up the safety.
  2. Aim for the center of the chest of the subject, (If the subject is wearing a thick jacket-aim for the legs if possible).
  3. Fire -- simply press down the Trigger Switch to fire the probes.
  4. If the subject is not down or there are multiple subjects (or you are attacked from behind), hold the unit firmly and prepare to use it as a stun gun.
  5. The ADVANCED TASER can be used as a stun gun with the used Air Cartridge still in the power handle or with the cartridge out of the power handle. However, if there is an unused cartridge in place, you cannot use the ADVANCED TASER as a stun gun because it will fire the probes when activated. Once the probes have been launched you can use the ADVANCED TASER as a stun gun.


The ADVANCED TASER is a serious, state of the art, defensive weapon and should treated accordingly. Although the unit is designed to be as nonviolent as possible in stopping a combatant, its use can result in serious injuries such as getting a probe stuck in an eye, or injuries related to falling. Be sure, however, not to fire at an attacker who is over 21 feet away (measure 21 feet to see how far this is -- it will probably be farther than you think). If you do fire at someone more than 21 feet away, the probes will not have sufficient TASER¨ wire to reach the target LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS: REFER TO YOUR DEPARTMENT'S USE OF FORCE POLICY.


While the ADVANCED TASER should be kept somewhere accessible so you can get to it quickly, it must also be kept well away from children if you are storing it at home. In general, we recommend you treat the ADVANCED TASER exactly as you would a gun -- find a place to store it or keep it so it is accessible only to you, but not to children or other people unfamiliar with its use. TASER International, Inc. offers a series of accessories such as belt holsters and car clips which can help you keep your ADVANCED TASER accessible and ready for convenient use.


Simple rule -- only leave the ADVANCED TASER somewhere you would leave your pet. It is designed for temperatures from 20 degrees to 114 degrees. The temperature limitations for the ADVANCED TASER are a function of the battery performance. Battery performance is severely deteriorated below freezing temperatures. Much like a pet dog, you should not leave it in the car in Alaska in the winter nor in your trunk in Arizona in the summer. Extreme temperatures can cause damage to batteries. If the temperature is comfortable for you, it is comfortable for the ADVANCED TASER. Note: NiMH rechargeable batteries perform better at lower temperatures than alkalines do.


The ADVANCED TASER has been designed for ease of maintenance. Aside from storing the ADVANCED TASER in moderate temperatures, you must keep a set of 8 fresh Duracell Ultra or NiMH AA alkaline batteries in the unit at all times. Always replace low alkaline batteries as indicated by the lack of the red flashing light in the battery check system or recharge NiMH batteries every 2 weeks. Also, replace spent cartridges and always be careful to throw out used Air Cartridges where the sharp probes will not injury anyone. Each Air Cartridge has been printed with an expiration date. This date is intended as a safety guideline after which time the Air Cartridge should be replaced. At the time of expiration (normally after 5 years) be sure to fire off the Air Cartridge for practice before disposing of it. Never throw out a "live" Air Cartridge, and especially not into a fire as this could cause the Air Cartridge to explode. After the expiration date, the cartridge needs to be replaced and a fresh cartridge used. This procedure helps to maintain the system for top performance. Never attempt to pry the doors off an Air Cartridge or pry open an ADVANCED TASER.


TASER¨ technology is so highly effective because the electrical signal penetrates the nervous system regardless of the placement of the probes. The entire human body is covered by the neural net which the ADVANCED TASER uses to knock out the target. Because the T-Waves can penetrate approximately 2 cumulative inches of clothing, the probes do not have to penetrate the flesh or cause bodily harm to be effective.

For a bullet to be instantly effective, it must hit a vital organ such as the heart or brain. Similarly, chemical sprays such as Mace or pepper sprays must hit an assailant in the face -- no easy task in fast moving confrontations. The ADVANCED TASER can be used more effectively and with less training than most other less-lethal technologies.


The nervous systems of animals are greatly different than human beings. The ADVANCED TASER is designed to be effective on a human attacker. Accordingly, it will not be as effective at incapacitating an animal as it is on a human being. The ADVANCED TASER should not be used as sole protection from wild, uncontrollable, or attacking animals. Law enforcement can use the ADVANCED TASER or dogs, but it is advisable to have animal control officers present to "collar" the incapacitated dog while the T-waves are working.


Because the TASER¨ Wave "jams" the communication system of the body, it does not need to cause bodily injury to be effective. It is the nature of the signaling effect within the nervous system that makes it effective. The graph below uses internationally recognized safety guidelines for electrical currents. The safe area is considered safe electrical exposure for 2 year old child or a 75 year old man. Notice the ADVANCED TASER's output is less than 1/100th of a potentially dangerous level.

Studies have confirmed there are no long term effects from being hit by a TASER. A study performed at the University of Southern California Medical Center concluded that in addition to its non-lethality, the TASER¨ leaves 0% long term injuries. This compares quite favorably to the data in the same study concerning the .38 Special handgun. Only 50% of those shot with a .38 Special survived and of those, 100% had permanent injuries. While all of the field studies to date have been conducted with 7 Watt stun systems, the pre-release testing of the ADVANCED TASER on both human and animal subjects indicates that the ADVANCED TASER's enhanced EMD output also leaves no lasting effect. Further, the TASER¨ output will not damage an implanted pacemaker. Pacemakers are designed to withstand the pulses of electrical defibrillators hundreds of times stronger than TASER¨ pulses.


The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) has classified the ADVANCED TASER as a non-firearm because it uses compressed air, rather than an explosive to launch the projectiles. Because the ADVANCED TASER is not a firearm:

  • It can be carried for off duty use without a permit. (check state laws)
  • It can be purchased through mail order from leading law enforcement catalogs and direct shipment.

The ADVANCED TASER restricted from off duty use in the following states: Washington DC, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, and Wisconsin.


  • Effectiveness: In prerelease testing, the unit incapacitated 100% of the 4,000 test subjects.
  • Long Term Effects: None (except for potential eye injuries or injuries related to falling.
  • Range: 21-15 feet.
  • Optimum Performance: 7 - 10 ft.
  • Backup if probes miss: If 2 launched probes missed, there are 2 stun electrodes on the front of the unit which can be used as a stun gun.
  • Automatic Impulse Regulation: Once the probes are launched, unit stays active for 5 seconds to keep target reliably down.
  • Thickness of Clothing: Up to 2 inches of cumulative clothing, even leather jackets.
  • Recovery Time: Varies by individual -- generally several minutes.
  • Battery Low Indicator: Yes (For alkaline batteries only).
  • Safety: Prevents accidental firing.
  • Temperature Range: 20 - 114 Degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Warranty: Lifetime $75 replacement warranty
  • Weight: 18 ounces (with batteries).
  • Battery: AA Duracell Ultra alkaline recommended. Can use rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride batteries as well, but battery indicator will not function properly with rechargeable batteries.
  • Patents: U.S. #5,078,117, 5,771,663. Others pending US and worldwide.
  • T-Wave Output: 50 KV Peak 1.76 J per pulse
    • M18 and M18L: 10-12 pulses per second, 18 Watt output
    • M26C: 15-18 pulses per second, 26 Watt output.


TASER INTERNATIONAL, INC. herein warrants this product under its "Lifetime Warranty Program" which covers the original registered owner of the product in the following manner and scope. This warranty is conditional upon the return of the enclosed warranty registration card within 90 days of purchase. Should that card not be returned, this warranty is not applicable. Should the original registered owner use the product in the manner prescribed by the manufacturer via the printed instructions and the unit rendered inoperable, the registered owner shall return the inoperative unit to TASER International, Inc. (postage prepaid) with a check or money order for $75 processing and handling fee. A replacement power handle will be sent to the consumer via prepaid postage within the United States. Foreign returns require additional postage fees. Prior to forwarding said unit, the registered owner shall obtain a Returned Goods Authorization Number from TASER International, Inc. by mail or a toll free telephone number at 1-800-41-T-WAVE (800-418-9283). It is the responsibility of the owner to return the product to the manufacturer via prepaid postage and provide written information as to the nature of the defect. Our only obligation under this limited warranty is to repair or replace the product and return it to the customer, via prepaid postage. Warranty provisions apply to the power handle and any unfired air cartridges. Air cartridges that are fired are deemed to have operated properly. Batteries are covered under manufacturers' warranty. The expressed warranties herein are provided by the manufacturer and may not be changed or enlarged by any distributor, dealer or other person whomsoever. To register a claim under this warranty, within the warranty period, mail the ADVANCED TASER part to: TASER International, Inc., P.O. Box 14463, Scottsdale, AZ 85267, Attn: Warranty Department. Do not mail the entire kit. The foregoing provisions are the only warranty and state the exclusive remedy for any breach of warranty or any other claim in respect to this product. THE EXPRESS WARRANTIES CONTAINED HEREIN ARE IN LIEU OF ALL OTHER WARRANTIES EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IF THE EXCLUSION OF IMPLIED WARRANTIES IS PROHIBITED BY STATE LAW, THEN ANY APPLICABLE IMPLIED WARRANTIES ARE LIMITED TO THE DURATION OF THE EXPRESS WARRANTY DESCRIBED ABOVE. THE PURCHASER AGREES TO ASSUME ALL LIABILITY FOR ANY DAMAGES AND BODILY INJURY WHICH MAY RESULT FROM THE USE OR MISUSE OF THE PRODUCT BY THE PURCHASER OR ANY OTHER PERSON. CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES FOR BREACH OF ANY WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, ARE SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED. SUCH CONSEQUENTIAL AND INCIDENTAL DAMAGES SHALL INCLUDE, WITHOUT LIMITING THE FOREGOING, LOSS OF USE, INCOME OR PROFIT, LOSS OF OR INJURY TO PROPERTY OR PERSON. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. No representative of TASER International, Inc. or any other person or dealer is authorized to extend the liability of TASER International, Inc. in connection with the sale of its product beyond the terms hereof. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may have other rights which vary from state to state.

All Information contained in this document is Copyrighted and owned by TASER International

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