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ADVANCED TASER M-Series On-line Owner's Manual


AS SOON AS THE ADVANCED TASER IS LOADED WITH AN AIR CARTRIDGE, IT WILL FIRE AT THE TOUCH OF THE TRIGGER SWITCH IF THE SAFETY IS UP. TREAT IT VERY CAREFULLY. DO NOT POINT AT PEOPLE UNLESS INTENDING TO FIRE. The Air Cartridges are very easy to load and unload. To load, simply take an Air Cartridge and snap it into the front of the unit. The photograph below shows the AIR TASER model 34000 being loaded with an AIR CARTRIDGE -- the ADVANCED TASER loads the same way.

The Air Cartridge has been specifically designed so there is no "up" or "down" position - enabling you to quickly reload it in a stressful situation without worrying about putting it in upside down. Hold the ADVANCED TASER evenly, so the top surface is level and parallel to the ground. Do not tilt the unit as this could cause the bottom probe to miss the target. The bottom probe is aimed slightly downward, and if you turn the ADVANCED TASER at an angle, the bottom probe will not fire downward but will fire off to the side resulting in a miss.

To unload the Air Cartridge, first make sure the Safety is down in the safe, locked position. If you touch the Air Cartridge while the unit is firing, you will be zapped by the stun gun on the front. Once you have pushed the Safety down, simply squeeze on the two round release buttons on the side of the Air Cartridge and pull it out. You can now reload with another Air Cartridge. It's that simple. The probes, the compressed air, and the TASER¨ wire are all contained in the Air Cartridge -- all you have to change is the Air Cartridge to be ready to shoot again! NEVER ATTEMPT TO OPEN AN AIR CARTRIDGE PRIOR TO FIRING -- THEY ARE DESIGNED TO BE FIRED BY THE POWER HANDLE ONLY AND TAMPERING WITH A LIVE AIR CARTRIDGE COULD CAUSE IT TO FIRE OR MALFUNCTION.


1. Set up the target in a location where there are no hard objects. Set up a practice target on a cardboard, corkboard or dry wall area or use a firing range. Make sure there are no metal objects behind the target or right around it that could cause a ricochet.

2. Learn to judge 21 feet. It is much farther than most of us imagine. Get a tape measure and measure out 21 feet from the target. In most rooms, you will not be able to get that far away. This is more than enough distance to keep an attacker well away from you. However, know your limits and never fire the ADVANCED TASER at a target more than 21 feet away. The optimum range for the ADVANCED TASER is 12-18 feet. For practicing, 7-10 feet is the best distance to keep a cushion between yourself and the attacker. From the target, take 2-3 large paces back. In a real confrontation, you should always try to fire the ADVANCED TASER from at least 3 feet away from the target. While it will work from 0-21 feet, it is better to give the probes a little room to spread apart as they come out. So, always try to fire while the attacker is still at least 3 feet away.

3. Always hold the ADVANCED TASER level when firing. NEVER TILT THE UNIT SIDEWAYS. The ADVANCED TASER fires out 2 probes. The first probe will go where you are aiming (center of the chest). The second probe is aimed slightly down so the probes spread apart and can inject T-Waves into a greater area of the target, making it more effective. If you tilt the ADVANCED TASER, it will misdirect the bottom dart. The rule of thumb is that for every 7 feet the probes travel, there will be 1 foot of separation between the probes - see chart below.

Distance to Target
2 ft
5 ft
7 ft
10 ft
15 ft
21 ft

4. Use the fin and blade sight on the top of the ADVANCED TASER to aim similar to a firearm. Or, simply use the laser sight to aim. However, it is important that you learn to aim without the laser sight in case you need to deploy the ADVANCED TASER in bright lighting conditions where the laser dot may not be visible.

5. Fire. Flip up the safety (notice the flashing red light indicating the unit is armed). Next, aim at the center of the target and gently press the Trigger Switch. There will be a popping sound, but there is no "recoil" (you will not feel any kick from the ADVANCED TASER as it fires). Notice the T-Waves on the surface of the practice target. The T-Waves will not be visible in a real confrontation because they are absorbed by the body of the target. When you are ready, flip down the safety before removing the Air Cartridge. AGAIN, ALWAYS KEEP YOUR FINGERS AWAY FROM THE FRONT OF THE ADVANCED TASER UNLESS THE SAFETY SLIDE IS IN THE DOWN POSITION. NEVER ATTEMPT TO REMOVE THE YELLOW BLOW OFF DOORS ON THE AIR CARTRIDGE. For replacement Air Cartridges, please contact your ADVANCED TASER dealer or call 1-800-418-0283 or 1-800 97-TASER for ordering information. Accessories are available for your convenience in carrying or storing the ADVANCED TASER. For details, see your dealer.


To use the stun gun AFTER FIRING an Air Cartridge, press down the Trigger Switch (make sure the Safety Slide has been pulled back) to ensure the unit is active, then press the front of the ADVANCED TASER firmly against the body of an assailant. It does not matter whether the Air Cartridge is in or not. The ADVANCED TASER works as a stun gun with or without the Air Cartridge in place. Even with the Air Cartridge in place, the metal prongs on the front of the ADVANCED TASER will deliver T-Waves directly to the body of the target. Shown below are the most effective places to use the stun gun. The touch stun works more effectively when aggressively applied to pressure points on nerve bundles. This involves the mastoid, ear, jugulor vein, and pelvic triangle. A simple "touch" will not incapacitate an aggressive subject. The ADVANCED TASER must be actively depressed or driven into the nerve bundles in a "drive stun" manner.

If the attacker is in front of you, you should attempt to press the ADVANCED TASER right into the center of his chest, or into the nerves under his chin. Note: If the attacker is touching you, the T-Waves will not transmit to you from the attacker. The T-Waves directly travel between the two probes.


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