ADVANCED TASER M-Series On-line Owner's Manual

Battery Check System:

When the Safety is activated, the ADVANCED TASER's Intelligent Electronics System automatically checks the battery to ensure it is fully charged (be careful not to touch the trigger with the safety back as the unit is armed). If the alkaline battery is charged, you will see a red flash or "heartbeat" indicating that the battery is good and that the unit is "alive" and ready to fire. If the heartbeat light does not show, and the light is steady, the ADVANCED TASER will have enough energy to fire if you are in an emergency, but you should replace the battery as soon as possible. The battery check system is calibrated for Duracell Ultra AA brand alkaline batteries. The battery indicator will not function properly with (NiMH) Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeables or other batteries.

Automatic Timing:

When the ADVANCED TASER is fired, its Intelligent Electronics System fires the T-Waves for 5 seconds. The number one reported reason for failure in the 1st generation TASER system was that officers would release the trigger switch (which stopped the power on the 1st generation system). Thus, the officer would mistakenly release power too quickly, before the target was immobilized. In the ADVANCED TASER, the unit runs automatically for 5 seconds to eliminate this issue. The operator can turn the unit off at any time by simply switching the safety back to the safe position. The operator can also continually depress the trigger to continue the electrical charge until the subject is apprehended.


The ADVANCED TASER M26 and M18L models come standard with a built-in laser. This laser will activate automatically when the safety is armed. The M18 model does not include the laser.


In addition to providing the most effective takedown power available, the ADVANCED TASER M26 provides revolutionary weapon management technology. The M26 has a data port located on the back of the unit. Every time the M26 is fired, it stores the time and date when it was fired. This data protects officers from claims of excessive use of force by providing complete and accurate documentation of the time and date for each firing. The M26 also provides law enforcement with a powerful management tool to track usage patterns and prevent misuse. Data downloads to any Windows¨ 95/98 compatible computer (special adapter cable required). For more information on Data port download software and cables, contact your local dealer. The download dataport can only be used on the M18 or M18L for recharging purposes only. By connecting the recharger to the dataport the rechargeable batteries within the ADVANCED TASERŽ unit will charge by the TASER Turbo Recharge System when NiMH batteries are used. All 2002 and beyond M-Series models have recharger capabilities.


Every time an Air Cartridge is fired, up to 40 small confetti-like ID tags called AFIDs are ejected. Each AFID is printed with the serial number of the cartridge fired, allowing departments to determine which officer fired the cartridge.


The ADVANCED TASER runs on 8 Duracell Ultra AA alkaline battery. (The Duracell Ultra battery is strongly suggested based upon testing). Before installing the batteries, make sure the safety is in the SAFE position and that the ADVANCED TASER is unloaded (i.e. no cartridge is installed).


To load the batteries, simply depress the battery cover lock pin with a handcuff key or pen and slide the battery cover forward, out of the handle. Remove the battery magazine from the handle.

Load battery magazine: The battery magazine has a special design with springs at both ends. This provides better battery performance. To load the batteries, follow the picture inside the magazine bays for orientation. First, load the ends of the batteries towards the springs as shown below forming a "V", then push the two batteries together into place.

After loading 8 AA batteries in the magazine, reinsert the magazine such that the contacts on the top of the magazine are aligned with the contacts inside the unit. The magazine will not load fully into place unless inserted correctly. Finally, while holding the magazine in place with your thumb, slide the cover back in place. You will have to depress the cover lock again to allow the cover to slide over it. Once the battery is in place, you can test to make sure it is in correctly by activating the battery checker. WARNING: AS SOON AS THE SAFETY IS ARMED, THE UNIT IS LIVE, SO BE CAREFUL. DO NOT PUSH THE TRIGGER SWITCH UNTIL YOU HAVE READ FURTHER. To activate the battery checker (make sure it is pointing in a safe direction -- away from people), simply flip up the safety. If the battery is in place correctly, you will see a flashing red heartbeat light on the back of the unit above the dataport.


1. Always keep your fingers away from the front of the unit unless the safety is locked down in the safe position and the flashing heartbeat light is out. Never put your fingers near the front of the TASER and never try to remove an Air Cartridge unless the Safety is in the locked position. This area will emit T-Waves whenever the unit is firing, so do not touch this area or you could get stunned. ALWAYS HAVE THE SAFETY LOCKED DOWN IN THE SAFE POSITION BEFORE REMOVING AIR CARTRIDGES OR TOUCHING A LOADED AIR CARTRIDGE.

2. Next, test fire the unit WITHOUT the Air Cartridge in place. Make sure the unit is unloaded. If the unit is not loaded with an Air Cartridge, it will function as a "Stun Gun." To demonstrate the Stun Gun feature:

A. Hold the unit with fingers away from the front area.

B. Flip up the safety to the armed position. Before pressing the Trigger Switch, remember the unit will fire for 5 seconds automatically unless you flip the safety down to turn it off.

C. Press the Trigger Switch.

D. Flip down the safety to turn the ADVANCED TASER off. Once the unit has fired for a second or two, we suggest you flip the safety down to the off position. Do not allow the unit to go through the entire timing cycle as this will deplete the batteries unnecessarily.


All Information contained in this document is Copyrighted and owned by TASER International

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