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The new TASER® C2 series has almost 100% effectiveness rating

Unlike other conventional weapons, the TASER® C2 can be conveniently discharged to work anywhere on the body, with a specified target area and can penetrate up to two cumulative inches of clothing. In police studies, the new TASER® C2 has a higher instant incapacitation rate than a 9mm hand gun. The device propels wires (or can be applied as a direct contact) to conduct energy to affect the sensory and motor functions of the nervous system. The TASER® C2 can stop a threat up to 15 feet away (4.5 meters), allowing you a safe distance to protect yourself and family from an attacker.

Taser C2 Black
Model 39036 TASER® C2
Price $379.99
Taser C2 Blue
Model 39031 TASER® C2
Price $379.99
Taser C2 Silver
Model 39032 TASER® C2
Price $379.99
Taser C2 Red
Model 39030 TASER® C2
Price $379.99
Taser C2 Pink
Model 39034 TASER® C2
Price $379.99
Taser C2 Yellow
Model 39035 TASER® C2
Price $379.99

The TASER® C2 KIT has everything a user needs to carry and practice using the TASER® C2™ device. Utilizing the same technology as their proven law enforcement models, the C2™ has incredible take down power. All C2 Tasers come with Integrated Laser Sight and LED Light

 Package includes:

  • 1 TASER® C2 - Color of your choice

  • (2) 15' Live Cartridges

  • 1 Training (blue) Cartridge

  • 1 Holster (39009)

  • 1 Practice Target

Personalarms Price
(any color of your choice)



Due to legal regulations, we can not ship Taser®  devices to HI, MA, NJ, WI, RI, NY, IL, CT
Baltimore or Annapolis MD, Baltimore county MD, Denison IA, D.C. and Philadelphia PA.

Activation/Registration is required by manufacturer for unit to operate.  This includes
age and background check. Instructions are included with the unit.


TASER® C2 Accessories

TASER® C2 Hard Case Holster

taser holster

Item 39027
Our Price $28.99

TASER® C2 Lithium Battery Power

C2 power magazine

Item 39011
Our Price $49.99

TASER® C2 Air Cartridges

2 Pack - Item #37215 Our Price $79
4 Pack - Item #37415
Our Price $128
TASER® M26C                                                                                                            TASER X26C
TASER® "Registered Trademark of TASER International Inc."

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