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With integrated laser sight

Formerly Known as Taser M18L

The ADVANCED TASER®  M26C is modeled after Taser’s police model ADVANCED TASER M26. It utilizes the same technology as our law enforcement models providing incredible take down capability.

TASER M26C shoots out 2 darts attached to 15 feet of wire. TASER® devices enable 50,000 volts to travel over the wires and over-ride the central nervous system, providing incredible take down power. The TASER®  M26C. Without cartridges the TASER®  works the same as a regular stun gun device. You simply touch your assailant stunning him into submission.


Each M26C Includes:

  • Built-in Laser Sight

  • 4 Air Cartridge Ammo Reloads

  • Practice Target

  • Training Manual & CD-ROM

  • Battery tray (batteries not included)

  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee

    Your Price $449

TASER® M26C with integrated laser sight
Item # 44009
Retail Price $499

Your Price $449


Due to legal regulations, we can not ship Taser®  devices to HI, MA, NJ, WI, RI, NY, IL, CT
Baltimore or Annapolis MD, Baltimore county MD, Denison IA, D.C. and Philadelphia PA.

TASER®  Holsters

Advansed Taser Holster

Holster for Advanced Taser

Nylon Thigh Holster

Secondary Cartridge Clip

advanced taser cartridge holder

Air TASER Cartridges

air taser cartridge


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TASER® "Registered Trademark of TASER International Inc."