Wireless Video Transmitter


If you need to construct a surveillance system, don’t forget that between the remote camera and the monitor, you will need to place a reliable wireless video transmitter. If you have extreme flexibility in placing the camera itself, you can be assured that transmitting the information will be a snap with one of these tiny but powerful units.


Get Long Range with a Wireless Video Transmitter

Set-up of a Wireless Video Transmitter & Receiver (ID: ST-101) system is easy. Just plug in any video cam and the miniature unit will transmit high resolution video at 2.4 GHz up to 500ft (or up to 1,000ft with the HIGH POWER model). (Note: obstructions like walls will affect the range.) Send the signal to a VCR, DVR, or right to your TV. Once you’re up and running the system is extremely stable and reliable, and upgradeable, when it comes time to replace cameras. The wireless video transmitter comes with its own power supply and 12 volt battery pack.