Wireless Infrared Camera


If your idea of  top-of-the-line is the ability to see up to 150ft in the dark, then we’ve got the perfect wireless infrared camera for you. We offer a high resolution Sony CCD that comes with 66 high power IR LEDs that delivers an exceptional picture in pitch-black conditions, as well as the truest color reproduction available in a day / night cam unit. This is a professional quality wireless infrared camera that allows you to keep an eye on your property no matter what the light conditions are.


Indoor/Outdoor Wireless Infrared Camera

Most of our cam units are fully weatherproof so you can mount them almost anywhere you need a set of remote eyes. Simply connect the wireless infrared camera to a power source, connect a receiver to your TV, and tune the receiver until you see the signal coming in clearly on your screen. It’s that easy! Contact us and we’ll give you some suggestions on what to look for when searching for the best value in a wireless infrared camera. We’ve got your needs covered.