A Video Surveillance Security System for Field Applications


Technology nowadays has advanced so far that homeowners and small business owners can afford the best in a video surveillance security system — equipment that was out of their price range just a few years ago. Whether you need a field system to take outdoors, or to the workplace to detect and eliminate internal theft, embezzlement, manipulation of payroll and so on, you can purchase an amazing system that portable and lightweight.


Versatility in a Video Surveillance Security System

The PRS-8000 is a complete analog 4 Ch. Portable Surveillance Recording System. It has up to 96 hours of recording time capacity, runs 4 channels simultaneously recording either wired or wireless on a 2.4GHz band, and comes with a bright 7 inch LCD TFT color monitor. The unit can be powered by an AC adaptor for indoor use, a car lighter adaptor for field use, or by batteries that can supply up to 200 hours of power. Contact us for more detailed information on a video surveillance security system. Click here for our Video Surveillance Systems.