Video Surveillance Equipment


You can be running the best videostreaming software available, but if your video surveillance equipment isn't up to the challenge, the picture quality won't be very impressive. Since software packages compress the video stream, if your image is poor to begin with, compressing it will only make things worse. Sure you’ve played with the tethered-to-the-PC webcams — little golf balls, trapezoids, eggs, and phasers — but real video surveillance equipment offers high tech advantages, crisp pictures, and other amazing features.


Video Surveillance Equipment for All Light Conditions

A day/night security surveillance camera with ultra high resolution (480 TV lines) will give you excellent black & white video in extreme low light conditions (.001 Lux), as well as color in daylight conditions. This type of camera is recommended for use with infrared technology and also comes with a 27x optical zoom (270x Zoom). Don’t bother with amateur golfball webcams; explore the options available in real video surveillance equipment.