Tiny Spy Camera

Homeowners and business owners are now installing motion detectors that are capable of turning on a tiny spy camera when a person enters a room or vehicle. The activity is then recorded and saved to memory for later
viewing. Most of these mini devices are smaller than the average thumbnail, in addition to being easy to install and use. The pinhole lens models are designed to let you monitor the subject through a tiny hole made in a wall, book, picture frame or any usual household object. A tiny spy camera is lightweight, very discrete, and very easy to hide, so you can investigate your suspicions with ease!

The general term “spy equipment” now includes all sorts of electronic surveillance audio and video recording devices, including the tiny spy camera. From nanny cams to mini cams, all of our products are made durable and are of the best quality. These cams come in hard wired and wireless versions, with images recorded in black & white or color. If you’re just starting out, check out our site for incredible prices on a tiny spy camera.