Time Lapse VCR
One of the best advantages to a time lapse VCR is that you no longer have to replace the 6-to-8 hour video cassette as is the case in your old surveillance system VCR. With tapes lasting as long as 40 days, or more than 1000 hours in some models, a time lapse VCR allows you to monitor your property using this unique feature, or you can switch to real time and record up to 24 hours continuously.

960-Hour High-Density Time Lapse VCR

VCR-104-HD-TL 960-Hr High-Density Time Lapse VCR

These workhorse security systems use baseband video signals emitting from a security camera, and give you images using more than 400 lines of horizontal resolution. They offer features such as onscreen programming for time and date search, timer recording, alarm recording, slow motion playback and more. You’ll find a time lapse VCR used in thousands of police cars, buses, taxis, trains, planes, and businesses around the world for security and surveillance purposes. Check out our competitive prices, and let us know how we can help you with your security needs.