Why a Time Lapse Recorder ?


The availability of inexpensive equipment has made it affordable and easy to make time lapse recorder video surveillance a reality. We offer a feature-rich VCR that can extend your long-term recording scenarios, up to 960 hours (about 40 days) of high density recording in the time lapse recorder mode. It only kicks on when an event triggers it!  The VCR-104-HD-TL time lapse recorder can also be programmed to record up to 24 hours in real-time mode.

960Hr High-Density High Performance with tons of features at a great price. 30-day memory battery backs up! 24-hour real time and up to 960-hour time lapse. Triple-density image quality is superior to other products.

The HD-TL Time Lapse Recorder is Just the Beginning

A critical step to time-lapse imaging is, of course, finding the right camera with the various capabilities you require. In general, it is probably best to look for the highest resolution camera and best lens system you can afford for your system. Even if your immediate needs do not require high resolution images now, once you get started, there is a good chance you quickly desire to upgrade. Whatever level you start at, the idea is simple: just a regular video camera and a time lapse recorder VCR will get the job done.