What are You Looking For in
Surveillance Equipment?


Day / Night security cameras allow your CCTV surveillance equipment system to be effective even in the lowest of light conditions while still showing clear color pictures during daylight hours. In addition, Day/Night cameras will automatically change from color images to night vision when the light levels drop below a certain level.


You can also purchase a digital video recorder (or "DVR" for short) which is essentially a computer that saves security video images to a hard drive. Digital compression results in a much better picture than analog compression and its more efficient when used in surveillance equipment.


We even sell dummy cameras! Maybe you’re not the type of person to use surveillance equipment to monitor the actions of others but still want discourage them from illegal activity. Well, a fake camera is basically a real camera body – but with the innards removed! It has authentic video cable coming from it, it’s fully adjustable, comes with a red flashing LED, and is easily installed for indoor or outdoor use. Add a decal or sign stating "Closed Circuit Television on Premises" and amateurs burglars will think twice before enter your home or business if they believe you’ve installed surveillance equipment.