Surveillance Camera System

We have a close-circuit set-up that will give you complete security capabilities for your home. Our Digital Video Camera Surveillance System is a complete CCTV system/with 4 channels that allows you to monitor your home or business. The package includes: a digital video recorder, two bullet cameras, a 14" color monitor, necessary cables, connectors, and accessories. You can sit at any Internet-connected computer and view video surveillance from any system camera one at a time, or select to view multiple cam angles on a single screen.


What is a Digital Surveillance Camera System?

Have you recently upgraded your 35mm film camera to a digital one, or your analog cable TV to satellite digital signal? The same type of technology upgrade is now available in a surveillance camera system. A digital package is easier to work with, delivers clearer video recordings, has tons more features and costs about one-third the price than an analog outfit. If you’d like more information about any surveillance camera system we offer, give us a call today.