Install it Yourself: A Surveillance Camera System


As the viability of security alarm firms across the U.S. is being questioned by police departments due to the high cost of false alarms, you might consider installing your own home surveillance camera system. The problem with security firms has become so severe in fact, that burglar alarm calls have been pushed way down on the priority list as officers respond to more serious calls. Average response times can vary from 30 minutes to 3 hours! Why bother with a commercial monitoring service? You can still go along way to protecting your property by installing your own surveillance camera system.

  Home Security Cameras

Homeowner’s Policy Savings on a Surveillance Camera System

And even if you install a surveillance camera system yourself, you can still ask your insurance agent for a savings of 10%-20% on your homeowner’s insurance policy. And, of course, if the sight of security cams scares away a potential burglar and keeps you from being robbed, the savings are priceless. That kind of peace of mind alone is worth the cost. A complete video surveillance security systems come with everything you need (cameras, recorder, cables, power supply) to protect your property.