Shopping for Infrared Surveillance Camera Equipment

Professional security systems can use either hidden cameras for covert purposes, or cameras mounted in the open for overt applications. The most sought after surveillance camera equipment today is designed with space age Infrared technology that allows you to see clearly at night. Even facial features can be recognizable up to 20 feet away in complete darkness! There’s no reason to put up with fuzzy or unclear pictures at times when the lighting is insufficient. To complete the unit, these professional surveillance camera equipment models require a lens that must be purchased separately.


Surveillance Camera Equipment Lenses

We carry a complete line of high-end lenses including fixed, varifocal, auto iris, and motorized zoom.  Professional installations generally include C/CS mount cameras with a good quality lens assembly, and these configurations typically will give the better quality video. Manual or fixed Iris lenses are especially well-suited for use on an indoor surveillance camera where equipment applications require only a minimal amount of light levels. Contact us today with any questions about your surveillance camera equipment needs.