Video Transmitter
434 & 900 MHz
Just plug in any of video cameras from this website and the mini transmitter will send a solid high res video signal 500-1,000 feet. A 9 volt battery powers the unit for 24 hours and a
9 volt lithium battery it will power the unit for 35 hours. You can also use the power supply that comes with each transmitter.434 & 900 MHz Transmitters


ST-101A 434 MHz Transmitter
ST-101B-CCD 900 MHz for CCD Camera
ST-101B-CMOS 900 MHz for CMOS Camera
ST-101BF-CCD FCC Approved 900 MHz



This unit comes ready to use, sends the video signal to any of our 900 MHZ Video Receivers or right to your TV when the 434 MHZ unit is used.

These units are high power so please check your local laws about the operation of this equipment. Can even be used for R/C Airplanes, Cars & Boats

Wireless Spy
Video Transmitter