Wired or Wireless in a Spy Video Camera ?

One of the questions you’ve been asking is whether or not to go with a wireless device when shopping around for a spy video camera. Many large cities have so much interference that a wireless cam might not be the best option. In addition to that, because the signal must travel through the airwaves there is also a chance that others can pick it up — if they know where to look for the signal. If this is your concern, then you’ll want to consider buying a wired spy video camera, which can be directly connected to your TV or VCR.
The simplicity and security of a wired spy video camera is incredible

You can plug in your tiny cam, attach the receiver to your VCR, press record, and walk away. On this site you’ll also find that we offer long-range wireless transmitters, receivers, and digital-motion activated infrared cameras, cctv camera systems, and digital video recorders. All of our products are high quality and simple to use, and our prices are competitive. Whatever you need, from a complete security system to just a single spy video camera, we carry it. Contact us today.