Get Top Range in Spy Surveillance Equipment


Most wireless cameras transmit video easily when they have a clear shot to the receiver, but are still limited in the broadcast range. Need to increase the range of your spy surveillance equipment? If that’s your problem then consider purchasing a weatherproof 2.4GHz Antenna/Receiver for Wireless Cameras (ID: ANT-122G) which has the receiver built in and increases range an amazing 5 to 6 times. It works with all spy surveillance equipment in the 2.4GHz range.


Add an External Antenna to Spy Surveillance Equipment

For maximum range, add a 2.4 GHz Antenna / Transmitter that will turn any surveillance camera into a wireless system.  It will also work with existing wireless cameras. Great for applications where you need to get the signal from the inside to the outside of a building, or need to get around any other obstructive material that previously wouldn't allow the use of wireless camera systems. The antenna is the key to extending your signal range and quality of your spy surveillance equipment.