Cool Gadgets for
Spy Surveillance


Hidden mini cams have revolutionized the field of home and office spy surveillance with the kind of features and effectiveness they offer. Our hidden cameras keep an eye on things for you while you’re not around. To view or record your footage on your home video system, all you need to do is to mount your wireless CCTV camera, and connect the small receiver to your TV, VCR or PC. Just like a James Bond film, these cool spy surveillance gadgets use technology with function to allow you to sneak a peek at an intruder or someone you've had your eye on.


Spy surveillance cameras don't have to be overly obvious — that would defeat the entire purpose of using them! You can actually buy objects like “EXIT” signs and eyeglasses that have tiny cameras built into them. There are also boom boxes and radio — fully functional as music blasters — that also have small digital cameras in them. The best part about these newfangled gadgets is that they're digital, so you can plug them into any computer and upload the photos instantly. Browse through our website and you’ll find our quality video spy surveillance equipment to fit most needs and budgets.