Improvements in Security Surveillance Equipment


Now that spy cameras are becoming smaller and cheaper, and the Internet is enabling anyone transmit unlimited live webcasting, security surveillance equipment is being used increasingly more over the web for monitoring purposes. Web cam usage has grown from 1 in 1991, to a number believed to be in the hundreds of thousands today. Video cameras the size of a dime can be bought for under $100, and will certainly become even smaller and cheaper in the future.


Benefit from New Security Surveillance Equipment Developments

Internet CameraFor a complete and inexpensive system, NASA-level programmers designed the VISEC Internet Camera, which allows you to turn your home or office computer into a powerful, global-wide eye in about five minutes. It utilizes the latest in security camera equipment improvements for wireless plug and play operation. Whether you need it for covert or overt purposes, the very affordable Internet Camera is the solution to most business and homeowner security needs.