Set up a
Security Surveillance Camera in Minutes


We specialize in high end, easy-to-install covert (and not so covert) security surveillance camera systems at better than competitive prices. More and more homeowners are discovering the advantages of hidden cameras to ensure peace of mind and the safety of loved ones and property. We have systems with CCTV time lapse / long play capabilities, and digital video recorder CCTV systems where you can continuously record up to 960 hours (40 days) of security surveillance camera footage, and a whole lot more. These systems are ideal for long periods of uninterrupted monitoring.

Each system takes only a few minutes to set up so you’ll be watching live streaming video, or recording time lapse images, on your TV or PC in no time! Any wired or wireless unit can be used with your TV/VCR units, digital video recorder, or PC at a remote location. Contact us for more information about our complete line of security surveillance camera systems.