Security Camera Surveillance

We can set you up with a high quality, ultra high resolution Day / Night zoom to mount on your security camera surveillance system. It can automatically switch from color (daylight conditions) to black & white in low light conditions, or even record images using Infrared technology. The camera uses a motion sensor that will automatically take pictures of anything that moves in front of the lenses and digitally stores the image within the camera. Then you simply retrieve the information at a later time by plugging the camera into your TV/VCR.

In addition to security camera surveillance equipment, you’ll also find we carry audio surveillance equipment, telephone recorders, antennas, pinhole board cameras, bug detectors, and many other covert products. While it is illegal in the U.S. to record audio (unless you are a party to the conversation), it is not illegal to videotape. So if you need a tiny pinhole camera to hide in a teddy bear or a full feature system, contact us. We've got your needs covered.