Security Camera Equipment

If you want protection for your family while you're home, you need a system that monitors the entry doors and windows of your house. Security camera equipment systems start at about $1,000 for the basic equipment plus $50 to $100 for each protected door and window.  If you want protection for your surrounding property as well as your house — especially if you live in a remote location or on a large acreage, for example — you'll need a security camera equipment system with exterior motion detectors to alert you as soon as someone comes onto your property. Final system cost will depend on the size of the area you're monitoring, but this outermost circle of protection is never cheap.


All the Security Camera Equipment You Need

More affluent vacation homeowners are increasingly installing security camera equipment on their secluded property. Wireless cameras can be mounted further down the long drive, thanks to accessories such as the 2.4GHz wireless antenna which boosts the signal and is completely weatherproof. Whatever your security camera equipment needs are, from cams to monitors, DVRs, and accessories, we’ve got you covered.