Remote Video Surveillance for a Stakeout


Portable DVR BriefcaseTo spy like a pro, you need to step up to a remote video surveillance camera and receiver system. Many units are packaged to be the size of a small suitcase (2 to 20 lbs) and can be used with both wired and wireless cameras. These types of systems are used by private investigators, bounty hunters, Worker’s Comp & Insurance claim investigators, law enforcement, wildlife conservationists and anyone who needs remote video surveillance technology in their line of work.


High-Tech Remote Video Surveillance

The equipment they prefer will often be a self-contained digital unit, such as a multi-channel portable DVR briefcase. This is a remote video surveillance and recording system that offers 4 wireless and/or 8 Wired channels, meaning you can add virtually any type of professional or mini covert camera to it. In addition, the unit can be controlled through a web browser via the Internet and video can be accessed and viewed real-time (no special client software necessary). Standard features you should desire will include: a CDRW for backup of CD recording, a 10.4 LCD TFT color monitor, 80GB storage (upgradeable), and a portable weight of 20 lbs. 

cams; explore the options available in real video surveillance equipment.