Building a Remote Security Camera  System

We offer a variety of wired or wireless remote security camera systems on our site. If you would like to build your own set-up from scratch, you will need: a camera, a mount and/or housing (if not integrated), a lens (if not integrated), the power supply, a coax cable (for wired cameras), and a monitor. If you want the ability to record with video, simple add: a VCR (time lapse or real time) or a Digital Recorder, and a Video Processor (if you wish to place more than one camera on the tape).


Variations in a Remote Security Camera

Your choices include units designed for indoor or outdoor use, day/night cameras, and infrared models for low light viewing. Take for example our wireless bullet camera, which is ideal for remote security! Easy to mount, just add a power source and it becomes a weatherproof, infrared unit, ready to see up to 20 feet in complete darkness. This amazing bullet cam utilizes the best quality components and its a popular choice of professional private eyes and businesses. Start with one remote security camera, and add multiple cam locations later to build your own system from scratch!