Remote CCTV Security Camera


Wireless video just got a lot easier with Pro Series, Cyber Eye, or a Day/Night remote CCTV security camera that can transmit live color video up to 100 feet. Now you can get extraordinary pictures in pitch black conditions with the truest color reproduction in one of our infrared technology systems. You can even add multiple cameras and scan between them like changing channels on your TV by using a remote CCTV security camera system!



220x Day/Night Zoom CameraColor
Security Surveillance Camera Day/Night Zoom only $515.00

Wired Remote Control

12 Volt Power Supply



With a remote CCTV security camera, you’ll receive high quality, ultra-high resolution pictures. The camera will automatically switch from color to black & white when the light source drops below 3 lux, and it also provides excellent video in low light conditions ( around .001 lux). Our surveillance line is first rate, competitively priced, and will help prevent theft at your home or workplace. Contact us if you have any questions about installing a remote CCTV security camera, or any other system.