High Tech Digital
Phone Recorder /Room

Record up to 96 hr. of phone conversations, works with some cell phones or voice recording (voice activated).

High Tech Digital Phone Room / Recorder PR-048-D Digital Phone/ Room Recorder 48 Hours

Outstanding Features:
*Voice Operated
*USB Port for ultra quick (MP3) download to Ac computer
*Portable disk function: No need to install driver
*Memory space indication
*Built in FM Receiver (88MHz-108MHZ)
*Clearest Playback in the industry

- Main functions: Digital Voice Recorder/ FM Radio/ Portable Disk
- PC Interface: USB Port
- Memory Mode: Built-In Flash Memory

- Wireless External Speaker Box
- Telephone Adaptor
- Telephone Cord
- Earphone
- External Lapel Mic
- Rechargeable Battery
- AC Adaptor

Phone Recorder /Room
PR-048-D   $198  -– 48 Hours



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