High-Light Indoor and Outdoor
Infrared Illuminator
New infrared incorporating the new Hi-light technology. This new technology is over 4 times more powerful than a traditional illuminator. Designed for indoor and outdoor use with special AlGalnP, High light IR LED’s (over 20,000 hours LED Life).

Outdoor Infrared Illuminator


IR Distance
IR-30M High-Light Infrared Illuminator (70-85ft)

High-Light (150-180ft)

Based on: (Object of view reflected IR Light)


- IR View Angle: 80 degrees
- Beam Spread: 20degrees/ per LED
- LED IR Wavelength: 850nm
- LED Life: More than 20,000 hours
- Input Voltage: 12VCD (Adapter: 350mA)
- Operating Temperature: -20C to 90C
- Storage Temperature: -30C to 60C


Infrared Illuminator


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