An Easy-to-Install Outdoor Wireless Security Camera


Instead of a mass of wires and cables, an outdoor wireless security camera system uses small radio transmitters that send signals between the unit and the receiver. This wireless feature eliminates the messy need to drill holes in concrete and run wires under siding, behind walls, and through the attic. Not only does this aspect make the installation of a wireless system within reach of most do-it-yourselfers, it also shows that the unit is portable: you can take the components with you when you move.


Features in an Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Your purchase of a surveillance cam, such as an Wired or Wireless Infrared Security CameraInfrared Security Camera (Product ID: BT-169) will allow you to record sharp, clear images in pitch-black conditions as well as deliver high resolution color pictures in daylight conditions. If you’re in the market for only the best, please call us for assistance with your purchase, or if you have any questions about one of our outdoor wireless security camera models.