Outdoor Surveillance Video Tools for Investigations

Portable spy tools are pretty much a requirement if you intend to conduct outdoor video surveillance on an individual. This kind of equipment can mean something as simple as a camcorder, or more elaborate, such as a multi-camera recording system. When you want to shoot video, but can’t have or don’t want a camera held up to your face, and need to be positioned away from the camera, you’ll need a complete VHS or DVR recording unit.


An Outdoor Surveillance Video System Under 2 lbs!

A Wireless Mini DVR System can be toted to a remote covert location in a rugged, lightweight and self-contained case. This digital outdoor surveillance video recording system includes a metal hydride battery pack and can be worn in either a fanny pack or backpack. While most micro or compact DVR units do not come with monitor or battery power, this unit features everything you need (except the hidden camera — which you can buy separately) Some key features of the outdoor surveillance video system includes: wired or wireless, a 2.4GHz receiver, 10 hrs of recording time, a 2.5 LCD TFT color monitor, weighs 2 lbs, dimensions 7” x 5” x 3”.

Video Surveillance Systems