An Outdoor Surveillance Camera: What to Know Before You Buy


 You’ve started your list of features that you need for an outdoor surveillance camera, such as: wanting clear pictures of the porches and driveway, and a viewing angle that is wide enough to see everything you’ll need to see. You may want a motion sensing feature, or perhaps a night vision feature for very dark areas of the premises. And while many cams are adaptable to outside use, if the unit is not described as weatherproof, the outdoor surveillance camera will need to be semi-sheltered from bad weather. But what about the lens features of the camera?


What do Resolution and Lux Mean in an Outdoor Surveillance Camera?

Camera descriptions often include the specs for the lens, such as resolution and Lux. Simply put, resolution measures the cameras ability to reproduce an image. The higher the resolution: the better the picture quality. And Lux is the measure of light the camera requires to reproduce an image. The lower the number, the less light the outdoor surveillance camera requires to reproduce an image: 


.01 lux - The lowest level of light the human eye can see at. (If you can see it the camera does not need extra light; if you can’t see it, then it needs extra light.) .5 lux – You need a 40w-60w bulb to capture image at this level

1 lux – You need some extra light to capture image at this level